A complete transportation solution

 for Canada, U.S. and Mexico


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As a CN subsidiary, our company handles container pickups and deliveries between CN intermodal terminals and customer locations. We offer the best of both worlds, pairing the efficiency of rail with the added flexibility trucking can offer to better serve our local and regional customers. This integrated solution helps our customers save time and money. As part of our supply chain services we are also positioned to execute over the road moves. 

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CNTL is based at the CN intermodal terminals located in Canada and in the U.S., covering three coasts and five ports. Additional trucks are stationed at strategic locations to further meet customers’ needs.


CNTL contracts independent truck owner operators to move cargo between CN’s intermodal terminals and customer locations. Intermodal has grown rapidly in recent years and will only continue to grow. Efficient and innovative, it's generating new opportunities for independent owner operators.

Home time:  Most Owner Operators are home every night.


Payment: Local moves are paid by geographic zone rates and  regional/highway moves by the mile.


Wait time:  Paid after 15 minutes (local), and 1 hour (highway).


Plates and permits: Paid by CNTL.


Optional group insurance and benefit programs:  Available.


Orientation: In-class presentations and runs paired with existing CNTL Owner  Operators.


We are proud of our industry leading safety program and standing. CNTL owner operators are dedicated to providing safe, customer focused service.


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To  become a CNTL Owner Operator you will first need to meet the following requirements.


 1.  Applicants must provide a Driver Abstract and CVOR indicating a clean driving record, or a record with minimal safety related violations


2. Complete a background check in compliance with U.S. FMCSA policy (CANADA and U.S.)


3. All applicants must complete and pass a U.S. pre-employment drug and alcohol test, and be added to the random testing pool for CNTL (CANADA and the U.S.).


4. Applicants must demonstrate and pass an evaluation of their pretrip inspection and a road test.


5. Trucks must be aerodynamic, with roof and side fairings.



A complete transportation solution

for Canada, U.S. and Mexico




Please click here to read more about 

CN's services.


Please click here to read more about CN's services.